Mack and Mabel

25-30 September 2000, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

It’s 1911 and the height of silent films when director Mack Sennett  stumbles across Mabel, a wonderfully dramatic deli girl, who he thinks could become an actress. As her star rises and Mabel’s love for Mack blossoms he rejects her and they part ways with Mabel going into drama. As Mack creates his Bathing Beauties and moves into a bigger studio in California he soon welcomes Mabel back and promises her a serious film. But we can’t help himself and jazzes up the film with his famous Keystone Cops causing Mabel to leave once again. Mack’s career blossoms with the invention of sound and the potential for singing and dancing in his films. However Mabel has become addicted to drugs, using heroin to stop her tiredness, and her lover has been murdered with her as the prime suspect. Based on the true story of Mack Sennett and Mabel Normand this musical captures the ups and downs of the early film industry with stirring songs such as “Time Heals Everything”, “I Want To Make The World Laugh” and “Look What Happened To Mabel”.

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Jim Hutchon Review