Annie Get Your Gun

Tuesday 27 September – 1 October 2011

caods opens with a sure-shot new production of Irving Berlin’s ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ at the Civic Theatre, the 1999 Broadway revival under the ebullient direction of professional producer and choreographer Ray Jeffery.

The real-life bullets and beaus love story of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler is performed here as a play within a play – a Wild West show presided over by Buffalo Bill.  ‘Annie Get Your Gunis a true tale laced with an abundance of humour, extensive dance numbers and one hit song after another – whether it’s the comic ‘Doin’ What Comes Naturally’; the plaintive ‘You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun’; the romantic ballad ‘They Say it’s Wonderful’; the self-assured ‘Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better’ or the show’s recurring theme song ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’. And when it comes to the question of who can do what better than whom, no society comes close to caods, whose ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ scores a bulls-eye!