30 September – 5 October 2002, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

Youthful Gigi lives in Paris with her Grandmaman, Madame Alvarez, and finds the prevailing Paris preoccupation with l’amour just so much adult nonsense. But romance is destined to be an important part of her life, for Gigi becomes a student of the ‘art’ of romance. Grandmaman has enstrusted her upbringing to Aunt Alicia, a lady who, in her youth, had kings and sultans clamouring for her favours. Gigi is therefore groomed to carry on the feminine tradition of charm, beauty and allure that has been the way of the Alvarez women.  As she learns a frequent visitor is Gaston Lachailles who seems destined to follow in the footsteps of his Uncle Honore, one of the most adoring and debonair students of feminine beauty in all of Paris. How Gaston and Gigi break the tradition of fleeting amour is subject to one of the most entertainingly different love stories ever told.

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