The Gondoliers

23 – 29 September 1974, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

Gilbert & Sullivan’s twelfth collaboration and a classic comic opera. In Venice there are 24 farm girls declaring their love for a pair of gondoliers, Marco and Guiseppe Palmieri, and will not consider other suitors until they have picked their brides. Eventually they pick Gianetta and Tessa and head off for a double wedding. The young Casilda arrives to marry the heir to the throne of Barataria but he can’t be identified as he was entrusted to a drunken gondolier who foolishly mixed him up with his own son. Of course the young prince is either Marco or Guiseppe and they must rule the kingdom jointly until their nurse is found to declare which is the prince. With complex love, comedy and the idea of a Republic how will this story end?

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