Chess The Musical

September 1996, Civic Theatre Chelmsford

The World Chess Championship is taking place in Italy with the current world champion, the hot-tempered American Freddie Trumper, getting ready to face his opponent, Soviet contender Anatoly Sergievsky. With Freddie’s focus on gaining more sponsorship and notority with the press it is up to his second and rumoured lover, Florence Vassey, to negotiate with the Soviets and the Arbiter. This leads to romance for Florence and Anatoly who bond over their stories of living behind the Iron Curtain. With Florence torn between the man she loves and the man she manages and the drama of the Cold War how will this game of chess play out. With music by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus and including songs such as “I Know Him So Well”, “Someone Else’s Story” and “Anthem”.

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