During World War II caods had ceased activities since it’s last performance in 1939 of The Belle of New York. On 1 July 1946 a meeting of members was held at Cannons’ Restaurant to discuss the reformation of the Society and the possibility of a next performance.

Please find a note from the caods Committee here that is also transcribed below. caods agreed to resume their activities and plans for their next production were put into place. caods returned to the stage in their 1947 production of The Desert Song. Information can be found on the Outbreak of War and History of caods can be found on this site.

“During the war 1939-1945, the 1939 Committee met periodically to discuss the probability of resuming activities. Many attempts to resume were equally unsucessful due to the unexpected terms of future under war time conditions. 

Difficulties caused by the war persisted until early in 1946 when at a meeting on May 23rd the Executive Committee decided to call a general meeting of all old members to

  1. Ask for a vote of confidence in the standing Committee pending the next election
  2. To elect one more member to serve in place of M. Heather (resigned)
  3. To make a general statement on the formal position of the Society”